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1.means of electronic communication

When you place an order on our website, or send us a message, electronic communication is carried out between the company and you, therefore Petmol LLC will respond to your question or request electronically (except for cases provided by law) or to your e-mail. By writing to the mail, and/or by publishing information (answer) in the relevant section. Therefore, in entering into a relationship with us, you agree that electronic communications between the Company and you have the force of a written document and both parties are entitled to use it as official correspondence between the parties.


2. User page

If you use the Internet store of Elite Electronics and are registered on the website of the Internet store, then you have a virtual key to access your site, it is your responsibility to protect the said key from distribution to third parties.

3. Underage buyer

"Petmall" LLC does not sell products to children, in case of minors, products must be ordered in agreement with adults.
Petmall LLC reserves the right to cancel any order without prior agreement.

4.Review, leave comments, communicate and other content

Users and Subscribers may leave comments, review products, share experiences, ideas, questions, or other information with each other unless such conduct is prohibited by law, defamatory, offensive, inflammatory, revealing another's personal information or intellectual property, or is otherwise unfair to a third party. Harmful to a person or containing a virus, political campaign, advertisement or any other form of 'spam'. The user does not have the right to use another person's e-mail (or other) address and act on behalf of another person, and "Petmall" LLC has the right (and not the obligation) in the event of the user's disregard of any of the above rules, to prevent such action (delete the information published by him in violation of the rules) , cancel the user's electronic key or other.)
The author of the information published on Pat Spot's website is responsible for compliance with the law. By publishing the information, the person gives the right to Petmall LLC to use the said information at its own discretion. At the same time, the author of the said information bears the responsibility for the damage caused to the third party by such publication.

5. Risk of product loss or damage

"Georgian Express" LLC is the shipping company when purchasing any product through Petmall LLC's online store. In the case when the customer purchases both small and large products (bags), "Elite Service" LLC provides delivery of the products.
In order to avoid misunderstandings in the case of transportation by "DHL" Ltd., the customer is obliged not to accept the shipment delivered with damaged packaging from the shipping company and to inform about this fact immediately after Pet Spot by e-mail. in the , or contact Pet Spot information number: +995555103205. In case of delivery of the message, Petmol Ltd. is no longer obliged to consider the claims that have arisen.
Our company is focused on customer satisfaction, however we do not want to take responsibility for the mistakes and possible poor service of the intermediary companies, so we insist our customers to carefully check the packaging of the shipment before signing the relevant documentation of the transport agent. In case of damage to the packaging of the shipment, the customer has the right not to accept the shipment from the transport company or to open the shipment together with the transport agent before handing over, to make sure of its undamaged   and the correctness of the quantity and only after that to sign the document of delivery of the shipment.
In case of damaged products received in undamaged packaging or an order received by mistake, please take a photo of the received message showing the damage and/or error and write to us about this fact in the following e-mail. Email:


6. Return of goods and money

It is possible to return the sold goods only if the goods delivered to the customer are different from the goods he ordered and their factory packaging or product appearance is not violated. In this case, Petmol LLC, after returning the goods and inspecting them for damage, will replace them with the corresponding products or, if this is not possible, within the next 10 days, will return the amount to the same account from which the payment was made.

7. Limited liability

Petmall Ltd. Internet Store is presented on an 'as is' and 'as available' basis, and by using it you agree to these terms. Petmall LLC is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage or loss caused by the use or non-use of the online store.
The shipping company is solely responsible for the damage resulting from the transportation of the item, however, the customer is obliged to inform the relevant service of Petmall LLC about any adverse circumstances.

7. Personal information

In the course of its activities, Petmall Ltd. is obliged to protect the user's personal data in accordance with the legislation of Georgia, including the legislation on personal data protection.
Below is information about what personal information we process and use for the successful operation of the online store and your efficient service:
The information we collect helps us continually improve and simplify our services, below are the types of information we use:

  • Information You Give Us Yourself - We collect and store any information you give us in the online store or through other means. You can choose not to provide us with this or that information, however, in this case, you will not be able to enjoy the benefits for which this or that information is necessary, for example, if we do not know your address, we will not be able to calculate the shipping price until the order is placed and the address information is provided.

  • Automatically Provided Information - We store and use information provided automatically by your Internet browser, such as 'cookies'.

  • In the case of mobile - when you use the Petmall LLC mobile application (if any) we may receive and use information about your location and your device's unique number (EMEI, MAC Address, etc.). We may use this information to provide you with location-appropriate services.

  • Email - In order to facilitate electronic communications, we often receive confirmation that you have received and read our email.

  • Information from other sources - We may also receive information about you from other sources, and add that information to the information about you. For example, if you use Facebook authentication, we may automatically collect information about you that is publicly provided by Facebook.


8. Transferring the necessary minimum information to the third party providing the service

In order to perform its activities on a third party supplier and to provide a perfect service to the customer, Petmall uses the banking and courier services of other companies. In this case, Petmall provides necessary personal information (name, surname, address, personal number, bank account number, unique order code, order date) to a third party and/or persons.

  • Business development - Our company is a constantly developing company, therefore we may initiate new types of activities, in which case we may use the information we have about you for our new business interests.

  • With your permission - if we intend to transfer information about you to a third party (except for the cases mentioned above), we will notify you in writing and only after receiving your confirmation will we transfer the information to the third party.

9. User's responsibility to protect their own information

You are responsible for the access of others to your computer and your code, always use the 'logout' feature when you leave your computer unattended.

10. User access to own data

The user has access to almost all of the data about him on the Pet Spot website and to all the data that he personally entered during registration on the Pet Spot website. The user has the opportunity to change, correct, add, delete or cancel the information provided by him on the Pet Spot website at any time.

11. Rules of use, warnings and changes

Our business and the laws in force in Georgia are constantly changing, so our standard terms and conditions may change, which we try to inform our customers about, although this is not our obligation, so please periodically check the rules of use of our online store.

12. Delivery prices and period

The delivery period is 1-5 working days. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the delivery period may be extended, which the operator will inform you about. The delivery price is determined according to the volume of the purchase, in the case of purchases over 200 GEL, delivery is free, for purchases up to 200 GEL, the delivery fee is 5 GEL.

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